A High School Youth Theology Institute on Faith and Science
June 23 - July 1

Where faith and science meet.

Program Overview

Young people often hear that what they read in the Bible and learn in church has nothing to do with what they study in science classes – or they’re told religion and science are always in conflict with each other. At Randolph-Macon College, we explore the convergence of faith and science. We are excited to offer a 9-day experience on-campus for high school youth who want to discover the realm where faith and science meet. Join us June 23-July 1 as Randolph-Macon College and Union Presbyterian Seminary faculty lead you in exploring such topics as The Origin of the Universe, Stewardship of the Earth, and the convergence of faith and science.

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Program Highlights


  • Faculty from Randolph-Macon College’s Religious Studies, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry Departments and Environmental Studies Program will give lectures, lead workshops, and direct group projects. Joined by faculty from Union Presbyterian Seminary they will help you explore the origins of the cosmos, the beginnings of life, and the natural environment, as well as food, nutrition, and sustainability, as seen from different perspectives. Throughout the program you will explore the convergence of faith and science.
  • After each presentation, meet in a small group facilitated by a college/seminary intern, to discuss and apply what you’ve heard.


  • Dig in the dirt at Shalom Farms as you consider the intersection between farming, food and faith.
  • Enjoy paddleboarding at a Virginia State Park
  • Ask questions about how your future vocation might grow out of your interests in faith and in science.
  • Discover Virginia’s coastline by boat at the Brock Environmental Center


  • Create prayers, responsive readings, and other resources that can be used in churches or worship settings.
  • Design lesson plans, activities, or guided experiences that can be used by the church or school groups.
  • Learn how to help others understand & value the convergence of faith and science!

What to Expect?

At Convergence, expect to learn and grow. Come to engage material usually presented at the college level but made available to you in this unique experience. Expect to learn not only in the classroom, but also on a farm and on the banks of the creek. Cultivate new and lasting friendships with other high school students who share your interests and your faith. This 9-day program costs only $100.

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